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We Are Next KYC

Bellnoc Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a startup company, which has developed nextKYC. BTPL is a banking business service agency having its presence throughout Kerala with a team of professionals who are versed with the intricacies of the banking system, especially in the area of In Person Verification of KYC formalities. nextKYC is a combination of a mobile application as well as a web based information technology solution for IPV of KYC norms. We are setting new standards for the area, hitherto dominated by conventional players. Our technology is set to make sea changes in the manner KYC verifications are made, stored and transferred.

Where we differ

We provide GPS assistant co-ordinates for accuracy and perpetuity. nextKYC has the technology and expertise to provide the latest KYC compliance package as prescribed by the bank, along with location, routing and sketching software, which will be accessible to the banks from our server throughout the duration of the loan period.

Our Technology

We use a Mapping system which works in tandem with 'GOOGLE MAPS' to precisely locate the area. The area is locked with the GPS co-ordinates and saved with the loan account number. The detailed map with photographs are handed over to the bank both in soft and hard copies

Technology Integration

The significance of nextKYC arises at times of changing topography of the cities. Many roads and land marks are non existent or have changed its character in miniscule amount of time in cities. nextKYC help us to pin point the location to the smallest decimal,thereby securing the property in case of a dispute with bank.

Our Services

nextKYC is an In Person Verification (IPV) of KYC procedures which involves the use of technology alongside physical verification. IPV is a process in which physical verification of the KYC documents cannot be foregone. We use our IPV software, integrated into an application as well as the web, to ably assist the physical verification. It is done as per the requirements of the financial institution, with many addons. The value addition is made by integrating location, routing and sketching software and storage and recovery and transfer of the said data, which also gives us an edge from the others in the field.

Location Mapping

A method to simplify the identification of the borrower, guarantor, addresses as well as that of the pledged properties, while disbursing a loan from the bank. While our field agent verifies the KYC documents, he at the same time, use our software to electronically pinpoint the location using GPS coordinates and Route maps. Once it is cross verified by a second staff of the company, the location is saved to the loan account number and cannot be changed.


In a banking system, where the officers are transferred with regular intervals, the local experience of a new officer is very less.

KYC services

nextKYC maps the correct route to the address prescribed. So, in a future date, if the officer of the financial institution wishes to visit the address, he just has to follow the route in the mobile APP, which will save his time and energy tremendously. Route mapping can be retrieved from any current location, which shows the best possible route to the site.

Bank's benefits

nextKYC sketches the boundaries of the property and saves it into the database. This can be referred on a later stage as a reference to the physical file. There can be no error in judging the boundaries with regard to the shape of the plot

About us

nextKYC is a product designed by Bellnoc Technologies Pvt. Ltd to cater for the In Person Verification (IPV) of KYC compliance of our clients. We are a startup company envisaged by the partners who has vast experience in the banking industry. Our aim is to become the pioneers in KYC procedural compliance, by using the aid of technology and incorporating the same with industry standard procedures.

We are a self sufficient organisation, with our own workforce setting the trend by our qualitative work culture and professional attitude. We are embracing newer technologies which makes conventional methods more accurate and dependable. Our vision is to encourage an ecosystem where people and technologies coexist in a cohesive environment, which garners better results and build communication channels across verticals.
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